Meet the owner

The North Atlantic Outerwear Company was founded and created by Candace Murphy.  Assisting and at her side is her husband Patrick Murphy.

Both were born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia.  Husband Patrick joined the RCMP and the two lived in various locations in the province of Nova Scotia, but always close to the ocean. Candace has always had a love for the ocean and the beauty that comes from it.

Her passion for gifts and apparel comes from her mother Melinda who also ran a shop in the local area. The North Atlantic Outerwear Company is one of two store fronts owned and operated by Candace. Quality is paramount for Candace and her shops. She seeks out and only accepts the highest of quality with her materials and products. 

All of the items you see inside the North Atlantic Outerwear shop have been researched to ensure they come from reputable, green minded producers. Candace and Patrick have been married for 18 years and have two daughters, aged 16 and 10. All love being at the Port of Sydney meeting wonderful people from all over the world.