The North Atlantic Outerwear Company, also known as NAO, was born and conceived through it’s owners love of and close proximity to the North Atlantic Ocean. 

The North Atlantic line of clothing and outerwear is a true Canadian brand with a strong focus on the environment. The logo is very much Canadian, powerful yet modern: the maple leaf symbolizing our love for the beauty of this country… the compass with a strong emphasis on the North. The four points of a compass are representative of the four seasons we experience here along the North Atlantic Ocean.

We can assure you of one thing: our clothing is made for all seasons. We invite you to join us in representing this great ocean, steeped in history, it ties many of us together in a special bond, an ocean that borders not just on Atlantic Canada but on North America, South America, Europe and Africa…the mighty North Atlantic.

Our Mission and Philosophy

The North Atlantic Outerwear Company had an important mission: set out to conceive, create and produce high quality, high end clothing that people will love to have in their closet. Products that can withstand the wear and tear of time. Our clothing has a comfortable feel, the result of earth friendly, recyclable materials…


True Northern Spirit

…what does that mean?

Very good question and we are glad you asked! The North Atlantic Outerwear Company did not want to produce just another brand of clothing. We wanted to be different.  After years of dealing with tourists from all over the world its owner noted something was missing, something that so many wanted: quality clothing that was not only representative of Canada but clothing that was also made in Canada…


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