True Northern Spirit

…what does that mean?

Very good question and we are glad you asked! The North Atlantic Outerwear Company did not want to produce just another brand of clothing. We wanted to be different. After years of dealing with tourists from all over the world its owner noted something was missing, something that so many wanted: quality clothing that was not only representative of Canada but clothing that was also made in Canada, not in some other country thousand’s of miles away.

Also important for the visiting tourist was the environment, where and how are products made. And so originated the North Atlantic Outerwear Company and it’s signature phrase “True Northern Spirit”. You will see this phrase on several items in the NAO line. This represents being true to our Canadian values and beliefs.  Being true to the green minded Canadian clothing manufacturers who produce our line.  Being true to the environment and how the small decisions we make as a brand can have positive impacts.

Not only was the North Atlantic Outerwear Company born in Sydney, a significant number of products are made right here in Nova Scotia while the rest are made in Canada by companies who were researched and sought out by NAO. These are manufacturers who use recycled materials, companies who pass strict reviews with respect to environmental audits and sustainable production practices.  We are proud of the path we have taken and will commit to following our own ethical practices well into the future. These choices reflect our love of not only the North Atlantic Ocean, but the environment as a whole.

North Atlantic Outerwear, the Environment and the World Wildlife Fund

As mentioned above, making good choices on materials and positive labour practices can have a huge impact on the environment. North Atlantic’s owner wants to share in her love for the environment and our beautiful home we call earth. That is why we have decided to support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Positioned in 100 countries worldwide the WWF is active in ocean, wildlife and habitat research as well as education, conservation and protection.  This is our pledge: for every piece of NAO clothing sold we will proudly donate $1 to the WWF. Not only do you get a quality product you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the ongoing protection and well being of our planet earth. We will announce our final donation amount via our website at the end of each year and we want to thank our customers in advance for all of your support.

The North Atlantic Outerwear Company Line of Gifts

In addition to our line of clothing and outerwear we are also proud to provide a variety of earth friendly gifts. We sought out some of the best and brightest artisans from across Canada to form our partner line of gifts. From Bamboo sunglasses, Canadian made wooden watches and hand sewn leather products, there is something for everyone inside our shop. Inspired by the beauty and ruggedness of the North Atlantic Ocean we also carry locally made nautical gifts. The materials for these gifts are collected along the coastlines of Atlantic Canada… from coves, inlets, beaches and our local fishing wharfs, these gifts are truly reflective of the natural creativity of the North Atlantic Ocean. Please enjoy and take home a piece of Atlantic Canada! You can see many of these items on our gallery page. Please contact us if you see something specific that you like. We provide excellent, flat rate shipping to all of the Canada and the United States. If you are not from one of these two countries again, please reach out to us as we can provide shipping rates to many other locations.